Book Yourself Solid® with high-calibre clients + increase your income in just 12 weeks, even if you don’t love sales + marketing*
*After More Clients Mastery, you’ll have a whole new relationship with sales + marketing. You might even fall in love with them (like so many previous clients of the program have!)

Let’s break it down.

You’re an ambitious service-based business owner in the arts or media industry and you’re borderline obsessed with what you do.
You’ve worked with a bunch of okay consulting clients and a couple of good ones who you delivered outstanding results to. Now you’re ready to create a stellar public image that’s going to attract those high-calibre clients with deep pockets and keep you booked solid.
You’re making a decent living — though you know you’re destined for so much more. You want raising your rates and pitching for the best jobs to feel like second nature.
Most importantly, your work is already undeniably brilliant.

But. (Isn’t there always a but?)

You're not being properly recognised for it

You’re still getting overlooked while other consultants are getting booked for the premium projects, even though you know you could do the job to a higher standard. You have some credibility, sure, but you don’t know how to turn that into MORE CLIENTS. Or speaking requests. Or PR opportunities. Or, you know, dinner at Nobu.
Selling and marketing doesn’t come naturally to you, and it’s frustrating that this means you miss out on opportunities that would be a perfect match for you.

You're not being properly respected for it

You still get potential clients who lowball you and competitors who undercut you. They can’t seem to understand the value of your services and why they’re better than the other options, and you can’t figure out how to change their perspective and earn the respect you and your skills deserve.
You want to be considered the power broker of your niche (aloof personality and indoor sunglasses are, of course, optional).

You're not being properly rewarded for it

You put on a good front and people perceive you as successful, but it doesn’t feel like it behind the scenes because, even though you deliver an enviable service, you simply don’t have enough clients. Which means you don’t have as much money coming in to sustain the lifestyle you want. Which means while you’re not desperate, you’re always carrying anxiety in your pocket and that shit gets h-e-a-v-y.
It’s okay, it’s a way more common situation than you think.

Put all that together and you’re left feeling less than remarkable.

It’s time that changed. So while your “competitors” are busy inflating their egos, you’ll be inflating your income 😉

When you have the expertise and the drive that you do, you won’t stand for anything less than a remarkable reputation AND a remarkable revenue stream.

Hey! I’m Kymberlee Jay, and I used to be a version of you. That’s how I know you want (and deserve) to:
100% achievable when you have the right mindset and strategy. (Hey, you’ve got the mindset, I’ve got the strategy.)
As a former dancer + choreographer, Nike Athlete, global brand consultant, and award-winning business owner, I know what it takes to win big, in style. My killer combination of consulting experience, business-building expertise, practical advice, and actionable strategies means you can earn everything listed above and then some.

I fought my way up through the cutthroat entertainment industry as a professional dancer and even became the first sponsored Nike Athlete to represent dance. I’ve used those years of experience to become an award-winning entrepreneur and business coach, where I’ve both consulted for household names and coached small business owners across the music, advertising, digital media, design, communications, public relations, events, and fashion industries.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned (and I’ve learned a lot more than just one thing!) it’s this:

Filling your roster with high-calibre clients isn’t for the lucky ones.

It’s for the ones who take the time to build a solid business foundation that makes it impossible not to hit your goals, over and over.
I learned this lesson the hard way for a number of reasons. (I’m going to show you a MUCH faster way to reach financial success in a moment.) Some of the struggles I faced with the clients I WAS able to attract are probably the same struggles you’re facing right now. Like…

“Okay, but can you do it for half the price?”

Arghhh, NO! But then, you want to win the work because you’ve got bills to pay and you’d really like to upgrade your laptop and it would sound so good to say you partnered with this client. So you say yes, reduce the scope a little, and then end up doing more than you agreed to because you set the standards for your work so high and you value making your clients super happy. They win… but you lose. Time, energy, and small slices of sanity.

“You sound great, but we’ve had a conversation with someone comparable, and they’ve said they’ll do it for less money.”

This generally goes one of two ways. You either lose the work because you priced “too high” in the first place, or you win the work because you drop your price out of fear, believing that if your competitors are willing to go low, you’ll have to go low too in order to stay in business. Not the case! Usually this means you haven’t communicated the value of your work well enough to set yourself apart from the competition so much that they’re not even competition.

“I know we agreed on this, but could you just add this small thing on too?”

Scope creep! This happens a lot when you’re in the thick of the project and “small things” keep getting added because “they won’t take long”. But it can also happen before you’ve won a client, when they ask you to add in a “small thing” without increasing the quote, or even bolt on an additional service that isn’t in your expertise. In that case, you feel the pressure to say yes or risk losing the whole project, and before you know it you’ve agreed to something that isn’t in your wheelhouse and that comes with a whole new set of challenges.

Instead of feeling remarkable, you just feel resentful.

This isn’t how it was supposed to go when you decided to start your business a couple of years back!
So how the hell do we fix this?
There are two reasons why I’ve made a success of being a consultant to big brands and now a business coach to small businesses:
1. I’ve pushed harder than most to win (and I attract clients with the same quality)

2. I’ve followed the principles of Book Yourself Solid® by Michael Port, the system I’m now licensed and certified to base my own coaching and signature program on — the program I’m about to introduce you to…

I want your biggest problem to be the size of your waiting list, not the weight of your financial anxiety, and More Clients Mastery will make that happen in just 12 weeks.

By blending the Book Yourself Solid® principles with my
unique skills and experience, I’ve created this powerful
program that will help you achieve more C.I.A



in your niche, so you become the go-to consultant in a whole league of your own and build a stellar public image that’s less about keeping up appearances and more about raising the damn bar.

Think coveted industry awards, first positions on Google, and blue ticks on social media



via your business, so you can live the life you really want instead of just dreaming about it.

Think feeling calm AF when the credit card bill arrives because it’s easily covered, the thrill of getting the tech that would make running your business so much easier, and being able to splurge on an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks when you walk into a room. Hey, it’s an investment piece 😉



in your industry, so you can raise your rates and become more selective about the clients you take on and the hours you work.

Think referral partners tripping over themselves to send clients your way, enquiries in your inbox every single week, and a waiting list that’s so long you only need to say yes to the projects that are a HELL YES.

In More Clients Mastery, we’re going to make you so confident in communicating the value of your incredible expertise that you’ll fall in love with sales + marketing, build an enviable reputation, and book yourself solid with remarkable clients who have eyebrow-raising budgets.

I am going to make it as difficult as possible for you not to succeed.

Let that sink in for a second.

You’re driven to win, and I’m offering a fast-track to the top of the podium. Which, let’s face it, is exactly where you belong.

And while I wholeheartedly believe you could get there on your own, you can get there a whole lot quicker with me by your side.

Instead, you’re going to be so confident in communicating the value of your services

that you’re booked solid with clients who energise you, respect you, and PAY you what your work is truly worth. Just like Clara.

You’re going to have a client experience so delightful

that your clients will tell everyone they know about how awesome you are and that they better book you before you raise your rates (again). Just like Kloe.

You’re going to have a simple (and FUN!) sales system

that’s intentionally set up to allow a consistent stream of clients to run through your business without a single bead of sweat dropping from your brow. Just like Sulaiman.

Is that a fire of excitement burning up inside you? Good! Let’s take a look at exactly how we’re going to get you booked solid with high-calibre clients you’ll be bragging about all the way to Soho House…



Set + Smash your Big Balls Goal.

Yes I really did just say big balls. Because if you’re not here to go big, it’s time to go home. And you spent enough time at home in 2020 😂. This proactive goal setting method is designed to set you up for sustainable success. In this short prep stage you’re going to:


Fortify Firm Foundations

It’s a lack of these foundations that causes so many arts + media business owners to stay stuck and struggling. You are not one of those business owners! In this stage you’re going to:


Crack the Credibility Code

No longer will your excellence go unnoticed. Instead? It’ll be impossible not to notice. In this stage you’re going to:


Ignite Your Income

Ready to see your revenue rocket? When that happens, you can increase your profit and your take-home income, which means you can grow your business and your luxury lifestyle at the same time. In this stage you’re going to:


Amplify Your Authority

Under the radar isn’t quite your style. You want to be the household name in your industry, and this is how it happens. In this stage you’re going to:


More Clients Mastery is a delicious blend of pre-recorded video lessons, online group coaching sessions, tried-and-tested business strategies, time-saving swipes, resources, tools, and more.

It’s literally everything you need to succeed remarkably for the 12 weeks and beyond. Here’s an even closer look at what you get when you join this comprehensive client-attraction program...

Immediate lifetime access to the online members-only area

which includes all the high-impact video lessons, downloadable worksheets, and supportive resources for the 4-step More Clients Mastery process: Fortify Firm Foundations, Crack the Credibility Code, Ignite Your Income, and Amplify Your Authority.

This is also where our group coaching recordings live if you ever miss a session or want to rewatch.

6 X twice-monthly online group coaching calls

where you can be seen, heard, held accountable AND get your questions answered.

Deep integration happens here.

Clients have been known to experience their biggest shifts as a result of these live calls because they’re so fired up to take action afterwards!

Lifetime access to the More Clients Mastery Online Vault

which contains additional business resources to supercharge your progress and support you long after the 12 weeks is over. Think tried-and-tested swipe files, templates, scripts, recommended tech tools, and other uber-useful materials, all guaranteed to save you a ton of time and get you enviable results.

Need a resource that’s not in there? Request it and we’ll create it for you!

3-Months access to the More Clients Community

New for 2022 is the amazing More Clients Mastermind Community platform where great minds come together to achieve even MORE:

>> Got a question between coaching calls? Get it answered here!
>>Want to share a win with your peers, or set up an accountability goal? Share it here!
>>Seeking support on a big move you’re making in your business? Find it here!


And if you want 1:1 time with Kym?

You can get it! You can pay for the program in full and get a free private 30-minute strategy session which you can use any time during the 12 weeks after you join. Or you can book a one-off or series of private sessions once you’re inside the program.

As a More Clients Mastery student you’ll get access to my (extra) special private coaching rates.

Whichever option you choose (and yes, you can always do both!) we get right under the hood of your specific business and build out a personalised high-impact strategy that will not only work, it will get you EXCITED to put it into action.


More clients than you can handle, more income than you know what to do with, and more authority than you ever thought was available to you is all around the corner.

Join More Clients Mastery today to experience this kind of business for yourself.

The investment is 3 monthly payments of $799, or you can save by making one upfront payment of $1997

ATTENTION: This is the most affordable program I offer — my equivalent level private coaching packages begin at $15K. 

By the end of More Clients Mastery, you’ll be able to:

This button will take you to a checkout page to complete your registration. As soon as that’s done, you’ll have immediate access to the private members’ area to dive into the preparation materials ahead of our first group coaching session!


You need to be focused on an area of consulting within the arts + media industries and you need to be running your own business (as opposed to working in somebody else’s), but you don’t have to be hugely experienced. You’ll likely be 1-2 years into your business and ready for some rocketfuel, or you’ve been in business for longer but have reached a frustrating plateau you want to find your way out of.

You do need to have had paying clients in the past so that you can determine what you want in your future clients. In More Clients Mastery, you’ll design a business roadmap that’s exciting, fulfilling, and gives you an incredible advantage over your competitors for years down the line.

That’s actually expected — I WANT you to get busy with more clients! So long as they’re high-calibre clients who energise and inspire you, of course 😉

You don’t need to worry about missing any program content. All the materials are available on-demand in the members-only area, and all group coaching sessions are recorded so that you can access them, along with the associated resources, at any time.

The program is 100% online, so you can access the materials from anywhere at any time from pretty much any device! The twice-monthly group coaching sessions are typically held on Tuesday evenings at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST using Zoom video conferencing software.

If you can’t make the group coaching sessions, that’s totally okay. You can always submit any questions you have in advance of the calls and you’ll be able to access the recording shortly after. You also have access to the More Clients Mastermind community where you can get support from me, my support coaches, and your peers at any time.

Absolutely, though I’m only able to run the program in English. The strategies I teach in More Clients Mastery are universally applicable for consultants in arts + media industries and work in every cultural context.

You’re my favourite kind of program attendee! I know that picking up the phone or walking up to someone at an event can feel terrifying, and I’ll show you how to fall in love with your business, along with the art of “selling” it to those who need your expertise. (You’re actually doing the world a disservice if you don’t put yourself out there!)

Over the 12 weeks, we’re going to position your consultancy in such a premium way that selling your services becomes as easy as having a conversation. No sleazy persuasion tactics involved. Just enjoyable and straightforward conversations with clients who want to work with you. The anxiety you feel about sales now can absolutely become an exciting rush of adrenaline when you know how to approach it right. What’s not to love?

No! However, I want to encourage and support you in becoming a public speaker because I know first-hand how powerful it can be. If it’s something you genuinely don’t want to do, that’s absolutely fine, there are so many other strategies we cover in the program that you can choose the one(s) that excite you most. You certainly don’t need to be a Ted Talk-er to fill your roster with remarkable clients!

You certainly don’t need to be a grade-A writer as we’ll go through a step-by-step process to help you to define your expertise and outline the most effective way to talk about it as a consultant. However, while serving your many clients and building your authority over time, you’ll likely become great at writing about what you do.

No. While More Clients Mastery is based on the proven Book Yourself Solid® methodology, it’s not a recognised accreditation. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll get a certificate of recognition to say that you’re an MCM graduate.

You’ll also join my network of high-level consultants that I regularly refer to premium clients across the globe. Ultimately, More Clients Mastery is a development tool for you and your consultancy so that you get booked solid® with remarkable clients.

Completing More Clients Mastery will take 12 weeks and, depending on the type of consultant you are and how quickly you take action, it might take a bit longer before you start to see money in the bank from higher-calibre clients. Building remarkable relationships is a key part of the process, and those take time to cultivate. This is an intensive training program designed to get you results quickly, but if you’re in a difficult financial position and wanting a quick fix without putting in the work, this is not for you.
Absolutely! Click here to access my private calendar book in a chat directly. I want you to be confident about your decision to sign up (even if you’re nervous about taking the leap) because I want you to be fully committed to following the system and getting more incredible clients than you could have ever dreamed of in the next 12-weeks. During our chat, I’ll advise you on whether I feel this program is right for you based on where you are with your business. And if you are, then I’ll be delighted to have you as part of our community of talented experts.

This button will take you to a checkout page to complete your registration. As soon as that’s done, you’ll have immediate access to the private members’ area to dive into the preparation materials ahead of our first group coaching session!

Kymberlee Jay is licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid® system, created by Michael Port, based on the best-selling book, Book Yourself Solid®. Certain materials contained on this website may be copyrighted works of Michael Port & Associates LLC.